Painted Floors Trend is Coming Back

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What is on your mind if you hear about painted floors? Maybe for many people, floors with painted colour are not as good as ceramic flooring, wooden flooring, or carpet flooring. For several people painted the floors with one or more colours are the old style design. You might think that the best way to enhance the beauty side of your house is about installing ceramic flooring, vinyl flooring, wooden flooring, or carpet. But right now the old trend is back and ready to steal your attention.

If you think that there is nothing special with the painted floors design, then you should open your eyes and collecting the information about it. You are freely to choose the best colour for your floors, but maybe you only need to choose the solid colour. Many people choose solid colours to enhance the elegance side of their house. But if you want something attractive, then you can try to combine one or more colour to the floors.

There are so many creative ideas about painting your floors and you only need to find the best references about it. If you want to sleep well in your bedroom, then you can choose blue solid colour as the painted colour for your bedroom floors. If you want to keep on fire at your working room, then you can painted the floors with red, orange, green, or bright yellow colour.

You also can combine one or more colour such as black and white, blue and white, red and green, and so on. You know how to make your house becomes comfort and that is why you have to decide it by yourself. Painted floors design ideas are not only available for indoor but also outdoor room such as garage, backyard, terrace, balcony, or even your basketball court.

21 Photos of the Painted Floors Trend is Coming Back

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