Nifty Modest Apartment in Pure Look

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At the big city, modest apartment becomes favourite residence for most of people. Instead of living at home or house-based residence, apartment and loft is being popular choice. W.C.H Studio, a Taiwanese interior design company, is created a kind of contemporary apartment.

Modest Apartment Matching Item

Take a look at some portfolios of apartment which bring modest style. There is no much room separator at modest studio apartment. The apartment itself is brushed with white palette for enhancing natural and pure look while extra size windows are installed covered with white drapery curtain and grey thick velvet curtain. A set of L-shape broken white sofa is combined with donut transparent glass short desk and a velvet arm chair. Glass coffee table is supported indoor plant which put in long glass jar.

Soft brown natural stone tile flooring is facing beech wooden ceiling in light palette both for living space and for dining room. Monochrome mosaic display is hanging above sofa’s area then animal printed fur rug is applied at the living room center. Transparent lantern is hanging above high white wooden dining table with a set of light wooden seats. Instead of using any accessories display such as photo frame and so on, wave wooden wall in master bedroom is already expressing natural style. Japanese wooden hallway is applied which delivering clean and sleek style. Black handle door is being statement décor at the hallway.

Modest Apartment Spot

Besides, other bedroom is applied in white space palette with black glass study desk is combined with short beech wooden chair. Float white bed is matched with singular wooden back head and elephant statues hanging above the bed while leather coffee arm chair is matched with sleek glossy white desk and bulb lamp lighting located above the desk to give proper lighting while the owner study or working. Another part of modest studio apartment design is coming up with brushed white granite with rectangular bathtub.

12 Photos of the Nifty Modest Apartment in Pure Look

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