Modest Country House Designs Feature Maximum Warm and Homey Nuance

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Living in a rural area will be more comfortable if you build a family residence using country house designs. A country house is usually designed in traditional concept features white lintels and posts, large terraces, staircases, attics, and plank walls. These elements are the common design you often meet, but several people choose different design for their private homes. They eliminate some elements in case still preserving the country house look.

Two-Story Country House Designs

The country house designs building is located in a wonderful savannah offers an extensive lawn in front and backyard. The one-story house is designed minimalist features wooden walls and large windows. It has more modernity than traditional style like we usually see, which means it applies new design to build a unique country house. To lead you to enter the front door, you must follow the gravel path along the main road, and then you will find a front glass door.

One-Story Country House Designs

A creative idea comes from a beautiful traditional home in the remote area of woods. The occupants exploit the old barn to build the additional building. It is merged to the main building features white plank walls, grey tile roof, and white lintels. The two-story house is not constructed in large size, but after they added the barn in the left side, it becomes a big family home. The patio in the backyard is furnished by an outdoor dining set and lounge area to enjoy the beautiful garden.

Modest appearance is the mayor design to construct country homes. Let the lot for creating backyard and design two-story houses if you need large space for your family. Apply most of the elements which have been mentioned in the first paragraph in order to get the best result. The quiet and peaceful environment is the factor why most people prefer building rural areas for their private residences. Modest country house designs building then is the proper choice in this location.

13 Photos of the Modest Country House Designs Feature Maximum Warm and Homey Nuance

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