Modern Beds and Extreme Ideas

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Modern beds are good to talk about, or to search on blogs. Then you will find things beyond your imagination, of course if you want to look after so. There are some extreme ideas for the bed forms, how it works and in what it can change functionally. Some designers are now struggling to convince customers and prospects to believe that the idea is not that bad. Consider rocking bed, the balls, folding-into-sofa bed or a book rack that can be transformed into floor bed.

Common Rules for Modern Beds

Although there are some common rules for modern beds, designers don’t stop on what you can imagine. Take rocking bed, this one commercial idea of a bed combining rocking chair and your bed sheet. This one of modern beds is made in Germany and gain direct popularity among designers. Yes it requires more than free spaces in the room because it may rock on the floor and flow to the garden. Or, you can simply imagine your bed as a bend of twenty elastic sofa balls. Feel Seating System by Animi Causa has the answer.

Modern Beds with Light

The common rules said that a bed must be a place to lay down back and relax, when you can freely close your eyes and let your legs to relax front. Well, modern beds have the rule too. That is no forms that can be magically transformed into bed. Think about Italian idea of bookcase bed, transforming a vertical book case on the wall into plain bed to use on the floor. Grids between the cracks are unified in perfect forms of rectangular spring. You can also read Home library design in this site.

Modern Beds from Personal Ideas

You can manage it at your own. You can think of making extreme ideas for you’re your bed. Try thinking about ideas of folding bed that can be transformed into cozy sofa then see what you will get in visual and functional.  Personal ideas on modern beds are more likely exclusive rather than, maybe, crazier.

9 Photos of the Modern Beds and Extreme Ideas

Modern Beds WonderfulModern Beds with StorangeModern Beds with LightModern Beds Side TablesModern Beds ImageModern Beds for TeenageModern Beds DominoModern Beds CoverModern Beds

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