Minimalist Small House Floor Plans to Create Spacious Look

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Apartment and loft are the examples of small houses which require small house floor plans. Those residences usually feature one large room and divided into three spaces, a living room, a dining room, and a kitchen. All of them are installed the same flooring plan to save the budget and create same appearance to prevent mess and crowded view. To give larger visual, light hue is the best option than the bold flooring plan.

Small House Floor Plans with Wooden Floors

This loft does not have large size, but with its white walls it seems large enough. The walls are able to create clean and tidy look that also bring large visual as well. To support the pure white walls, light wooden floor plans are very suitable that both of the hues have successfully made the room looks spacious. Their simple pattern is the right option for small house floor plans design.

Small House Floor Plans with Marble Tiles

Aside wood, tiles are also good choice for small house. The white walls and large glass windows and doors already bring enough lighting to create spacious look to this living and dining spaces. Dark grey marble tiles fit to the interior and furniture nearby that the homeowners choose the square pattern tiles to d├ęcor the flooring plan. Their bold hues give cold atmosphere but stylish as the contemporary concept of the house.

What you have to notice to choose flooring plan for small homes are the pattern and hue. Never choose complex pattern and bold hue at the same time, because they will make your rooms look narrower and more crowded, moreover if you do not have enough windows to bring in natural lighting. Choose the simple and minimalist pattern made of wood, tiles, or stones and light hues are as the best option. The minimalist small house floor plans design helps you to create spacious look.

13 Photos of the Minimalist Small House Floor Plans to Create Spacious Look

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