Minimalist Contemporary Kitchens in Natural Wood and Black

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Simple and minimalist lines are the two key to build contemporary kitchens. This style does not require many patterns and ornaments, because they are created in plain and sharp edges in neutral hues also. This means will cut your budget and offers light appearance in your kitchen. Natural wood color is the most favorite furniture color, but black will be the perfect partner to deliver stylish and modern look. Here are two nice contemporary kitchen examples in different size.

Contemporary Kitchens in Small Size

It is a small contemporary kitchens idea with good arrangement of furniture and d├ęcor. Four cabinets made of natural and smooth wood hung in proper level over the black counters. Their stylish iron handles offer easy access to open the doors. To create lighter appearance, cream countertops have been chosen to compare the backsplash and cabinets. In the outer space, there is a corner banquette features a glass table and two wooden chairs give a sweet touch.

Contemporary Kitchens in Large Size

Natural wood and black are still a good combination in building a contemporary kitchen. The large area gives the homeowners of this kitchen to place big furniture they need. The whole natural wood furniture give light appearance to balance the flooring plan. They prefer placing a black mini bar with stylish design as the replacement of kitchen island. Several modern touches can be seen from the silver and slick backsplash, glass cabinet doors, and red pendant lamps.

Looking at the two examples, there are no many decorations place there as the point to build a contemporary kitchen. Both of them already look nice and comfort enough to cook meals. Smooth furniture surfaces and sharp edges describe the real contemporary style with their simple and minimalist design. The minimalist contemporary kitchens idea totally offers you proper comfortable cooking style in light and cheap elements.

12 Photos of the Minimalist Contemporary Kitchens in Natural Wood and Black

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