Mild Riverpark Apartment with Smart Design

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No matter where you stay, whether in a city or small town, comfort residence must be important to think about, that’s why riverpark apartment in Bartislava designed in semi modern concept. It called semi modern because it still keep traditional value by using natural material that make environmental aspect blends with interior design.

Smart Riverpark Apartment Design

Go take a look for some options that might be telling you about smart design that bring serenity after intense busy day. The first impression from riverpark apartment design is warmth and open. Located at the edge of riverpark with big city view surrounding the residence, open space with glass material installed is being right destination to relax body and gain intimate situation after working hour break. Sliding glass door in living room is connected to deck area with the use of laminating wooden flooring and multi exposed wooden wall decorations which make this place seems stylish and warmth right away.

Wooden material, as mentioned before. Is dominated the whole room’s décor including stuffs’ design. Low television rack, cubicle table, kitchen countertop, window’s frame, and so on are made from wooden material while grey L-shaped sofa, dark red couch, and black floor lamp harmonizing natural look with their modern impression. There is less room separator and even none between living room, kitchen space, and dining area. It makes the apartment seems united and giving fresh air circulation.

Adorable Riverpark Apartment

However, the cooking space is designed in slim atmosphere using modern bar stool, white cabinet, wooden kitchen island, and without tile backsplash instead of similar exposed wooden wall. Bench table combined with black and brown arm chair are located in dining area while master bedroom seems more modern by installing floating cabinet, compact bed with hidden storage, and various accent fur rug as riverpark apartment design visualization seems adorable and artistic.

11 Photos of the Mild Riverpark Apartment with Smart Design

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