Mesmerizing Mandarin Oriental Paris Guarantee for Your Luxury Satisfaction

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One stop luxury spoiled is what you are going to have in Mandarin Oriental Paris Hotel. The most appealing tourist destination is the Eiffel Tower and this hotel is guaranteeing each room to have the fabulous tower view. What do you ask for more in holiday in Paris? You can find the answer in this very hotel. The look and service that they offer have the best quality of a hotel.

Completing Vacation in Mandarin Oriental Paris

Lavish Mandarin Oriental Paris seduces you with all 139 gorgeous hotel room and 39 deluxe suites with private balcony that will make you wanted to stay longer. The hotel design is very mesmerizing since the first time you saw it. Walk through the terrace which surrounding with bushes garden lead a way to floor to ceiling glass windows entrance. The interior design is simple with aristocrat touch. The furniture and decoration is selected well for pleasing the guest eyes and comforts.

Life a Life in Mandarin Oriental Paris

The room has different kind of taste one into the other but most of it is dominated in white color. It does not make the room look cold. On contrary with the touch of grey and violet like in this photo make the room look inviting. Between the bedroom and the bathroom is divided with sliding stain glass door. The bathroom also generally covered in white pristine color, but in the bath tub area you can find the accent of small square pattern which add style to it.

Try to stay in the deluxe suites and you will never want to leave the room. It has an ample luxury. The crystal chandelier is breathtaking, the railing stairs is amazing and the whole room decoration is really worth every penny to spend. The room is not the only entertainment in this hotel. You will be pleased with the bar, restaurant, café, even fitness center and meeting room. This lavish Mandarin Oriental Paris design is really made to complete all your needs.

20 Photos of the Mesmerizing Mandarin Oriental Paris Guarantee for Your Luxury Satisfaction

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