Massive Pent Station Project in Great Architecture Design

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In this modern time, of course there will be a lot more building that is equipped with the great design of the architecture, like the Pent Station in USA. That project is a massive project that will be designed in a great design and in a massive size as well. That architecture design will make people amazed and feels more curious about that architecture design.

Pent Station Architecture Design

Talking about that project, I know much about that architecture design. It is caused by the architect of that project is the place where I work in. That is Skidmore. That Pent Station by Skidmore will have a great design. Besides that, it will be able equipped with the futuristic design as well. There will be a lot features as well from that architecture design. That is a great architecture design that I will always remember because I also take a part in that project design.

The architecture design of that project was designed in a massive design. It will spend more budget and time to finish that massive project. That project will be built in a middle of a city. It will make the architecture look a lot more interesting because it has a large park as well. There will be two parks in that architecture. That will be a great design and combination of that massive architecture.

Pent Station with Two Parks

There will be five main buildings in that project. That will be one of the greatest projects in this year. It will accommodate the bus and high – speed trains. That will be very useful to the city transportation. That is a great and massive architecture and project. Besides that, there will be also a great garden design. Of course, they will be very comfortable. That Pent Station Architecture by Skidmore is very nice and superlative for a city project.

9 Photos of the Massive Pent Station Project in Great Architecture Design

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