Luxurious Vintage Modern Interiors Bedroom

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To have a creative interior design of a bedroom, it is very important for you to have a creative decorating ideas including applying a creative ideas of the Vintage Modern Interiors. That kind of interior design will be able to make a bedroom looks a lot more interesting and it is also able to give a better appearance to the bedroom. Talking about that kind of bedroom, I also have a very nice experience when I was in London.

Vintage Modern Interiors for Penthouse

In London, I met my old friend and she invited me to drop in her penthouse. When I arrived in her penthouse, I saw there is a very elegant and amazing design. The most interesting thing of that penthouse is about the bedroom of her penthouse. In that penthouse, the bedroom looks really nice and amazing because it is also equipped with the Mid Century Vintage Modern Interiors. I really love that penthouse.

There are also many furnishings in that bedroom that is also able to make the appearance of that bedroom looks a lot better and better. They are including the bedding unit, small cupboard as well as flooring unit. The bedding unit in that house is also equipped with the white colored bedcover. I was so sure that it will be very comfortable to sleep in that comfortable bed. Nearby the headboard of that bed, there are also two small lighting units.

Vintage Modern Interiors; Bedroom Lighting

Those lighting units are very elegant because they are also equipped with the elegant lampshade as well. That is a really combination of the modern and vintage atmosphere in that bedroom. Having enjoyed the bedroom, I moved to the other side of her penthouse. There is also modern living room in that penthouse that is also finished with the modern interior design. The combination of that Mid Century Vintage Modern Interiors Bedroom and living is a very nice blend.

33 Photos of the Luxurious Vintage Modern Interiors Bedroom

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