Luxurious Duplex Apartments by Bridman Agmon Architects

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Today, we come with one of the best duplex apartments which is located in Jerusalem. This luxury apartment was completed by Bridman Agmon Architects. We also post some visualizations of this luxury apartment by Studio Aiko. We found some subjects about the interior designs of this apartment. For more information, check these out!

Duplex Apartments Furniture and Decoration

As you can see at the pictures, there are some stylish furniture this apartment. The modern white sofa with fur rug, some classic white chairs in comb-like backrest design, white floating cabinet, bookcase, modern kitchen set with multifunction kitchen island, sophisticated white dining chairs with simple wooden dining table, low profile bed with fur rug, etc. give amazing influence for a modern interior design of apartment. The furniture is supported with some decorations, such as greeneries, flowers, wall mounted drawing, and some lightings to create amazing duplex apartment designs.

Duplex Apartments Ambiance

We found this apartment is really comfortable. This statement is supported with the cozy white living room, comfy kitchen with informal dining space, comfortable entertainment at the dining room, and fresh atmosphere at the bedroom. Moreover, this apartment in Jerusalem is high enough to have beautiful view of the town. You can have a look at the bedroom image with beautiful town panorama at day. Can you imagine what it will be at night? With some concrete floor and brick wall, the apartment looks warmer and more comfortable.

From this inspirational apartment in Jerusalem, you can find some ideas of how to select furniture and decoration for your apartment. It is important since the furniture and the decoration will create certain ambiance of the apartment. For duplex apartment designs ideas with comfortable, warm and fresh senses and with beautiful panorama, this Bridman Agmon Architects’s work is one of the best references.

12 Photos of the Luxurious Duplex Apartments by Bridman Agmon Architects

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