Lavish Elegant Interior Design for More Comfortable Living

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Brown accent from wooden materials and neutral materials form stones or bricks are a great mixture to build elegant interior design. Wooden materials could be designed into many kinds of furniture, flooring, panel walls or ceilings, while stones and bricks are usually formed into walls, backsplash, flooring, and countertops. Those are not enough if you do not build the large and lavish items that will not spread out the elegant look. Here are some examples of how to build the appropriate elegant interior.

Elegant Interior Design with Dark Wooden Materials

You may choose kitchen and dining space to apply the elegant interior design idea. Wooden cabinetry and counters are the elements you have to notice first, since they are the mayor furniture in a kitchen. Design them in large size and fill almost the whole area, like an example of built-in cabinets with dark wood material feature white granite backsplash and island top. The dining area is also furnished by plush furniture of a square wooden table, four brown leather chairs, and an ivory sofa.

Elegant Interior Design with White and Brick Accents

White is another effective hue to have elegant appearance which is shown by this bright kitchen. White furniture of counters, island, and cabinet-like furniture become the strongest appeal to create a clean kitchen as well as elegant style. More elegant appearance comes from brick backsplash, a round dining table, four wooden dining chairs with white fabric upholstery, two large stools with beige fabric upholstery, and a classic pendant lamp.

The key to have elegant interior is by applying some wooden materials, natural elements, and placing lavish furniture. Those will create expensive and luxurious appearance as well, even though you do not spend a lot of money. Elegant style is able to bring more comfort, especially for family homes. Provide your family with lavish elegant interior design idea for their comfort life to do their daily activities.

15 Photos of the Lavish Elegant Interior Design for More Comfortable Living

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