L-Shaped Island Design DIY

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L-shaped island design is one of the most practical kitchen islands. They allow maximum use of space without getting in the workflow and allow a convenience of storage. If you have the space to accommodate it, an L-shaped kitchen island is much recommended. Not satisfied with the options out there? You can even make it yourself. Here’s how.

L-shaped Island Design Preparation

To make an L-shaped island design, first you will need the following things: a chalk line, a measuring tape, two or three base cabinets or base materials for it, a countertop material of your choosing, hand tools, adhesives for construction purpose, small finish nails and wooden strips of 2x4x8 inch dimension. After you’ve got all the equipments, draw a chalk line on where you plan to place the island. Measure the gap between the island and the other cabinets, allowing about 36-42 inches between them for easy workflow and adequate safety measurement.

L-Shaped Island Design Ideas

After you took the measurement of the L-shaped island design, check the measurement by imagining where you would place things. Check if a cabinet’s door could open between the island and the cabinet and whether the place you plan for a sink is close to the stove and the dinnerware cabinet. If everything is settled, then measure the height of the island, which is normally the same with the rest of the counters. If you’re planning to do a different design with another level of countertop, plan accordingly. You can also read Recessed ceiling design in this site.

How to Make the L-Shaped Island Design

For the l-shaped island, 2 or 3 cabinets would be necessary. If you start from the base material, start making the cabinets according to your measurement. Turn the cabinets upside-down to measure the inside perimeters or copy it onto the floor with the chalk. Make sure you take a measure of each side of the cabinets, especially the ends. Measure and attach the wooden strips to the floor where the measurement was copied by screwing or nailing it, then put construction adhesives on top of the cleats. Set the cabinets on top of the wooden strips and make sure that they are level and even with each other, then clamp them and nail them together. To finish your L-shaped island design, attach the countertop unto the cabinets securely.

7 Photos of the L-Shaped Island Design DIY

L-Shaped Island DesignL-Shaped Island Design WhiteL-Shaped Island Design TraditionalL-Shaped Island Design Top ViewL-Shaped Island Design ImageL-Shaped Island Design IdeasL-Shaped Island Design Galerry

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