Different Types of Kitchen Door Hinges

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There are many different kinds of kitchen door hinges and before you use them in your kitchen cabinet, you must be well aware of them all. From the fully concealed door hinges to the semi concealed ones, there are many options to choose from. You can buy the hinges readymade. Most commonly, the hinges are fitted within the kitchen cabinets and when you buy these cabinets readymade, you do not have to worry about selecting the hinges separately. However, if you are getting the cabinet custom made, then knowing about the cabinet door hinges makes a lot of sense.

Knowing more about the kitchen door hinges

If you want to know more about the hinges of the kitchen cabinet doors, there is a lot that you can do. From doing your own research to consulting a professional, the choices are many. You can:

Best Kitchen Cabinet Hinges
  • Go online – A very good idea is to go online and check out the many pictures of the kitchen door hinges. Even if you do not understand the mechanism of the hinges, looking at the pictures will give you a fairly good idea. Then, you can also read articles and blogs about the kitchen door hinges and understand the mechanism well. There are some wonderful graphic designs that help you out in this department. So log on and discover a whole new world of the amazing hinges of the kitchen cabinet doors.

  • Speak to a professional – If you want some additional help with the hinges, you can speak to your carpenter. Ask him to explain the different kinds of hinges that are available and how each works. This will give you a very idea about the kinds of hinges that you should get for your kitchen cabinet. Also, you can ask the carpenter to come and physically examine and measure your kitchen and tell exactly you what kinds of cabinets and hinges would be most suitable for the place.

  • Visit a home improvement store – You can also visit a local home improvement store and see what they have on display. If you are confused about the different kinds of hinges that are available, taking a close look at the varieties can help clear your doubts to a great extent. So check out the hinges and also check out the readymade cabinets in which the hinges are fitted. This will make your task of choosing the perfect kitchen cabinet door hinge a lot simpler and a quicker process as well.

  • Speak to a friend – Speak to a friend who has recently bought some kitchen hinges. He or she will be in a very good position to tell you more about the hinges and how they work. Ask the friend about the availability of the hinges, the different varieties and patterns and the cost of the hinges. This will give you a very clear idea and will also help you in the budgeting and the decoration processes as well.

The different kinds of kitchen door hinges

There are many different kinds of kitchen cabinet hinges. You may need to buy a new hinge for a new cabinet that you are building or you may need a cabinet replacement hinge for a remodeling purpose. Therefore it is very important to first understand the requirements and then go looking for the hinges. Do not confuse the kitchen cabinet hinges with the hinges for bathroom cabinets. This will make the job of building a good and properly functional kitchen cabinet a lot more difficult for you. So do your researches adequately and only then proceed to buy the best and the most useful kitchen door hinges.


9 Photos of the Different Types of Kitchen Door Hinges

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