Innovative ProtoHomes for Best Comfort

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Whoever said that eco-friendly and technology cannot blend together should definitely look at ProtoHomes. The house is built with eco-friendly materials and is also fused with technology that will definitely not worsen the earth’s natural state. What makes this house even better is the fact that all of these things, from its eco-friendly structure to its technological design, cannot be seen thanks to the heartwarming design of the house. Frank VaFaee and his team is definitely a bunch of geniuses.

Friendly ProtoHomes

The outside appearance of ProtoHomes by Frank VaFaee looks great already. I mean, just look at the pictures! The house has a lush garden that looks tropical at the same times thanks to its half-dry state. The garden is decked with small and large bushes of any kind. There are also pebbles decorating the earth of the garden. Of course, the garden will not be complete without he existence of the green trees at the back. The greenery definitely matches the white appearance of the house and its white panels. When the house is lighted at night, boy, the house looks more than fabulous.

The inside of the house is pretty colorful though. The living room is decked with brown couches that is decorated with deep red pillows and other colors of the same ambiance. To make the living room less gloomy, a white coffee table is paired with the brown couches. There are also rainbow-colored pillows to make the room more colorful and enchanting. Paintings with white borders and colorful abstract is also hanged to complete the colorful set. Yep, that is basically the overall pattern of the house’s interior design. The walls might be white, and the floors might be made of wood, but the things that make the house friendly are definitely the little ornaments of the house.

Technology of ProtoHomes

The house looks modern and heartwarming, is it not? Do not be fooled though, because that nice appearance is a powerful technology that can control everything of the house. That is right, from lamps to alarms and even television of the house, everything can be controlled with iPhone or iPad anywhere as long as there is an internet connection. A heartwarming house that is also eco-friendly but also technological? This can only be found in the amazing ProtoHomes by Frank VaFaee.

11 Photos of the Innovative ProtoHomes for Best Comfort

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