Innovative Contemporary Home Style Brings Out Bright Visualization

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I visit my aunt’s house polished in bright white color since she loves white color very much. From outside house exterior looks like a cube. In my view, geometric architecture of house is adopted to create Contemporary Home Style. I prefer to stay at my aunt’s house because this house is surrounded by leafy trees providing fresh air that makes me relax. Green courtyard and colorful flowers around this house are able to refresh my mind. Glass door enables sunlight increases brightness of this house.

Open Plan Contemporary Home Style

Interior of Contemporary Home Style is designed as open plan living space. Therefore I can enjoy amazing look of green courtyard and leafy greenery outside freely through glass wall and glass bay windows available here. Whole sides of beadboard and ceiling are polished in white color to arouse bright visualization. White fur rugs layer concrete floor in this room. I like to take a rest on modern chaise lounge chair above white fur rug while reading novel. From here I can see tall ladder in black color. It is crafted of tough metal. Monochrome vase is placed inside of ladder functioning as table too.

Cool Furniture in Contemporary Home Style

I get into spacious mezzanine polished in bright white color. From mezzanine I can see living room below arranged neatly. White bed sofa in modern flair is equipped with white sofa cushions. Small glass coffee table and cream box coffee table are set in front of white bed sofa. Dark concrete floor is covered with white fur rug. On white beadboard, I find black floating shelves where books and ornaments are set on shelves. Box floor lamp illuminates this room.

I really appreciate spacious interior of Contemporary Home Style in this house which is supported by white pillar that has tough image. Black floor tile of living room seems so unique and cool. There is cool black lounge chair in this room. Glossy white and black sideboard is installed nearby glass door. Above flashy white sideboard, there is sophisticated TV setup.

12 Photos of the Innovative Contemporary Home Style Brings Out Bright Visualization

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