Innocent Lighting for Clean Look

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The lighting concept at your home might be one of the most important things to consider. Lighting has a finishing function to gain a good looking area at your room. Although, you should take into consideration about how to keep your lighting item as clean as you can so it could give you proper light at the day and night.

Tips for Cleaning the Lighting

Here are some suggestions about how to clean your lighting. It must be more complicated to clean up tricky lighting fixture such as chandelier but don’t worries because these tips must be guide you to make them more sparkle than before. First, before buying a lighting product being sure that those lamps could be separated between the fixture and the details one such as glass design so you can clean them well. After taking off the glass, put them in a sink which already filling with warm water and soap then let them stay in there for couple minutes. Next is clean the glass with sponge smoothly then dry them all with soft towel, however you can use soft cotton material too.

Next is cleaning light bulb. First step is switched off the electricity and wait for some minutes so the light bulb is cool enough to be clean up. If you always clean the light bulb like one in a week or two week, it might have not much dust so you can use the duster, but if the light bulb is really dusty you have to clean it by swapping the surface with cotton material. Now we come to the most difficult ones, chandelier, you need to clean the fixture with duster then use a soft towel below chandelier and spray them with water or any cleaner that proven good for crystal or glass material.

Beautiful Lighting

There are some tips to clean your lighting. If you don’t need hard work at one time then you have to take care of them at least in a week. Dust must be not good for the whole lighting appearance, it also disturb the light from your lamp. Be sure that you choose a proper light which mix with a particular room function. So cleaning lighting fixtures right now.

7 Photos of the Innocent Lighting for Clean Look

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