Incredible SL House to Accommodate Two Families

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Two families are living in the same large and modern architecture of the SL House in Tel Aviv, Israel. It was built in 2011 with a 475 square meters surface completed with an extensive garden. To accommodate the two families, it was designed in two levels features spacious interiors. The house is designed in a simple cube-like shape use various materials, such as marble flooring, iron beams, aluminum storefronts, glass railings, a gypsum ceiling, and white and grey wall plasters.

SL House: the Furniture

The spacious living space of the SL House design has an access to the porch and wooden deck to feel the refreshing square pool which is protected by glass railings. The entire white interiors of walls, ceilings, and shiny floors create a bright and clean space to support the large glass. To furnish the living space, a L-shaped sofa with cream fabric upholster, two white couches, a round coffee table, and two side tables are placed over a black fur rug. An ultra-modern fireplace is built as a divider between the living space and corridor.

SL House: the Interiors

To save the large ground space, it is also utilized for a minimalist home office and a dining space with contemporary furniture in neutral hues. In another part of the house, there is a lounge and kitchen space in all-white interiors and furniture. The stylish kitchen is designed in galley style features white counters, cabinets, and kitchen island. A different and more accents can be seen in the bathroom which is installed the geometric wallpapers against the pure white bathtub over the wooden floor.

The entire interiors and exteriors are designed very simple but very attractive. The less decorations and ornaments make it as a stylish and extensive as to accommodate the two families. The perfect choice of colors, furniture, accessories, and materials by the architects has created a fully modern architecture. They do understand how to make a comfortable and warm living place. Living in an incredible SL House design with the whole perfect package will give a relaxing and relieving live to both families.

13 Photos of the Incredible SL House to Accommodate Two Families

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