Impressive Openbook Design Modified as Creative Chair and Bookcase

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After receiving invitation from my old friend, I come to her house earlier. She would like to let me join this party. In her house, I can see modern minimalist house which is colored in white. Modern style of this house is equipped with contemporary furniture to adjust white themed house in modern flair. This party looks so exciting because there are many guests gather around here. White breadboard is appropriate with white ceramic floor. One of living space that interests me to check out is modern minimalist home office design. On corner there is Openbook Design that allows us to finish job well.

Stylish Openbook Design

I think her house is always full of furniture crafted in stylish design. Furniture applied here has multifunction system. So we can utilize multifunction furniture which is designed in modern flair. Modern Openbook Design is dominated with white color to adjust white color of interior design in white. Grey pads applied in this white frame of armchair that functions as bookcase too. High quality material in white color is chosen to craft futuristic armchair that is modified as small bookcase in modern style.

Multifunction Openbook Design

Small bookcase extended of white armchair is used to store various books tidily. Even, my friend says that she often uses this small bookcase as small desk. While she finishes jobs or reading books, she needs a cup of coffee placed on upper side of bookcase functioning as white desk. In addition, position of small bookcase which is combined with modern white armchair eases her to grab a book.

On corner there is sectional floor lamp to enlighten this creative modern Openbook Design. When she reads a book in this multifunction armchair, soft lighting effect helps her to read cozily. Dark metallic lamp shade reflects cool image of this sectional lamp. A White French window which is embellished with beautiful indoor plants enables sunlight brightens this living space.

2 Photos of the Impressive Openbook Design Modified as Creative Chair and Bookcase

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