Hospitable Eco-Friendly Material as a Great Choice for Home Renovation

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Today, many people are already taking care about environmental issues including eco-friendly material for home. We must like good appearance items as stuffs and accessories in our home but sometimes those items made from unfriendly material which is non-renewable things from nature. Designing home with eco-friendly material doesn’t mean ignoring beautiful shapes, texture and colour although you must be find some tricks to arrange powerful concept and good looking design with hospitable material.

Eco-Friendly Material’s Options

Let’s take a glance of eco-friend home materials around us. First is recycled glass countertop as eco-friendly material for home. Even though people tend to choose wooden or marble countertop for serving a good look, both of them are not friendly enough for the environment while recycled glass can do it for you. Recycled glass is beautiful and deliver sleek and clean view as same as steel material. You can get some details such as tree or marble imitation in glass material. Besides in the kitchen or dining room, you can apply recycled glass as bathroom countertop. Most of people tend to choose marble design in this situation though you can pick unique design depend on your style for this application.

The second material is cork flooring. Instead of installing hardwood flooring, you can choose cork flooring because it doesn’t make a bad effect for environment especially tree because it comes from the bark of cork oak tress and it doesn’t cause the tree to be cut. Besides, this material is more affordable than wooden floor with the same strong effect for the whole room. You can apply it both for traditional and modern home concept. Be sure to pick a proper colour that match with room style and decorating items in particular.

Recycled Tile as Eco-Friendly Material

Next is carpet tile which kind of carpet from recycled tiles that you can use for renovate a particular room or even the whole room at your home. It absolutely friendlier than fur rug and you can actually mix and match with some design. This carpet has a wide range of colour from bright to soft ones such as grey.. Striped design with colourful shades must be good choice to applying one of the top eco-friendly material for home and make you feel better to environment.

12 Photos of the Hospitable Eco-Friendly Material as a Great Choice for Home Renovation

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