Gorgeous Modern House with Sleek Design Which Accompany Many Needs

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I have been stunning with this modern house. It is just around the corner of the neighborhood. The house really has a modern sleek design from the first time I saw it. It has a sleek cubical exterior design with the touch of wooden board walls and huge windows in many parts of the house. To complete the sleekness, the house has flat roof which allows you to see the bright of the house landscape.

Nicely Placing of Modern House Exterior Design

The exterior of this stunning modern house is decorated with a small garden with the touch of Japanese design as you see in this photo. Actually this house also has pool in modest style, but it was hidden inside the house. Although it was located inside the house, but the roof is left open which means anyone who swim or play around in this pool will still see for the bright of sky above.

Bright and Spacious Living on Modern House

There are three generation that living in this place, that is why this house have big space that enough for anyone. To provide the immense space and bright room throughout the house, it has generous wide space windows and in some part of it has floor to ceiling windows and folded glass door. This way, when needed, the folded doors can be open to provide more space to the room. The walls and floors are chosen in white to give clean look and in the same time provide light inside.

While white sometimes gives cold ambience, this house gives warmth nuance since it decorated with neutral and warm color such as grey and brown. It also use natural element such as wood and stone in many places. Of course in children bedroom, more color is added to provide more fun environment. See in photos below on this stunning modern house design that will mesmerize you.

12 Photos of the Gorgeous Modern House with Sleek Design Which Accompany Many Needs

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