Gorgeous Beach Cottage for Having Retreat Holiday

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Santa Barbara is one of wonderful locations in California to build a beach cottage. The tropical climate with beautiful beaches and green nature give you high reasons why a lot of people choose it. Butterfly Beach is the proper spot for this house design that will give you a near access to Coral Casino and Biltmore. It also offers you amazing views of mountains and ocean. A developer has constructed a gorgeous cottage there and it is sold for $8,750,000.

Beach Cottage: the Sunroom

The beach cottage design is not too big and just contains three bedrooms and two bathrooms. A sunroom is a lovely zone to enjoy the sunshine heat from the large windows. Wicker furniture will be often met in several rooms, including the sunroom. It has a classic wicker sofa with white cushions to give you a relaxing area while enjoying the ocean or garden outside. More classic atmosphere is felt by the antique pendant lamp and pergola ceiling design.

Beach Cottage: the Kitchen and Dining Room

In another cottage side, there is a dining space and small kitchen. White panel ceilings, white walls, and light wooden flooring offer warmth and homey atmosphere. Five wicker dining chairs are the other wicker furniture that has been mentioned in the previous paragraph. They complement a large wooden round dining table covered by a tacky table cloth in green floral motive and dark blue backdrop. The small kitchen is next to dining space features minimalist furniture of white counters and island.

Upper level balcony and backyard porch are the areas you can have to see the beautiful nature surrounding. There have been a white lounge chair and outdoor dining set which you may use to have barbeque party or outdoor dinner. Those will be the most exciting moment during your vacation here. Wonderful views and gorgeous beach cottage design are combo appeal to choose it as a retreat holiday far from pollution and traffic jam.

12 Photos of the Gorgeous Beach Cottage for Having Retreat Holiday

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