Futuristic Pantry Design as Kitchen Sets Part

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The kitchen sets always consist from some furniture, including pantry design which exists on side of kitchen. The pantry itself divided into some parts, where each part contained by different goods. The various design of layouts on that furniture also make kitchen become more completed. The combination with cabinet, cupboard, or shelves become those pantry more set up orderly. People always use that kind of furniture to save some foods, cooking materials, or even cooking equipments. The model of pantry itself also various, where there is an open model, and also close model. The drawers also complete that pantry, so there are some spaces which can be used by people to save some foods, and cooking equipment. Sometimes, people also add some boxes inside of pantry, in order to make some cooking equipments become more order, and didn’t messed up. The hard wood separation which separate pantry room also designed as well with some arrangements. There will be a gradual model, where it is a usual model for pantry itself.

Pantry Design Setting

The setting for this kind of furniture is relative like other cabinet. The most design is consist from some spaces which separated with hard wood layers. Then, it becomes place for some goods. There is a unique model which combines from more than one model. That is shelves pantry design which have model like shelves. The pantry itself consist from some spaces which designed seems like shelves. The shelves which usually use for book arrangement adopted for this kitchen sets. There are some spaces from bottom to top. There are boxes too which exist on bottom part of pantry. Sometimes, it also combined by drawers inside of it. The organizational of pantry itself also designed as well, where some foods which have similar characteristic separated from others, like raw food with served food. Then, the cooking also separated from foods. It usually put on very bottom of pantry part.

The pantry itself also make people become easier to save and take the goods. The organizational of goods can be divided with existing of some spaces. The model of spaces also not only from bottom to top with line model. Sometimes, people also used a half of square model, where it seems like surround the storage room. It looks like a cabinet too. The other model is open model, where the pantry is opened without any covering or door that exist around of that furniture. Then, for the closed model, it is like a cabinet which exist in the side of kitchen. The pantry covered by cabinet or there is a door which exist on front of it. The storage itself also combined with metal basket which usually exists on very bottom part of it. The design for layouts or wall also designed into unique style, where sometimes it consists from colorful wallpaper.

Pantry Design Model

The model which related with pantry is already mentioned before, that there are consist from some models. The first one is shelves model, which adopt book shelves setting. Then, there is a cabinet model which is covered like the setting or form of cabinet. Besides that, people also can design some others model according to their necessity. There is a model again which is walk-in pantry design which more simple rather than other model, where it only need some boxes or baskets, and also open shelving to become storage place.

12 Photos of the Futuristic Pantry Design as Kitchen Sets Part

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