Fitted Colour Pairs as Home Décor

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It must be boring if you always look at monochrome colour at your home so you might need some fitted colour pairs to solve it. Both interior and exterior are the important aspect of your home design. Whether you have a kind of costly or affordable items, applying right decoration must be help you to gain sophisticated style at your residence. Don’t be afraid to realize your idea of colours even the craziest ones. In a reality, you only need great mix and match and absolutely some artistically taste to lighten up your home.

Colour Pairs as Decoration

Take a look at some creativity to mix and match colours as home decoration. Instead of choosing monochrome colour as the safest ones, you have to brave applying colour pairs at home. Vivid or bold colour might be best applying at living room because it can let your guest know about your taste. You must plan it carefully because it was tricky. Bright colour such as blue for couch must be best coordinated with a white layout and hardwood floor design. You can put indoor plants which give you the green colour and also natural sense. Dark carpet in abstract motif and abstract painting in blue and white details could be liven up the whole room atmosphere.

In another case, you can play with wall design and curtain. White and black curtain which combined with white and red wall colour must be giving you unique taste. Both of them are in stripes design and at one time it seems like flag design. Amber wooden shelves, grey sofas with stripes cuddles and green-yellow carpet are a kind of secure way to have best look at living room. Combination of them will make you feel warm and comfort though.

Colour Pairs Suggestion

As the popular suggestion said that the easiest thing to make your colour pairs become successful is by let one colour dominance than the other. For example, in your bedroom you can combine bold turquoise as coach and dark brown for curtain and carpet. Let the brown dominating some stuffs while you can get an attention by applying turquoise only in a big stuff. Designing dining room with orange could improve communication and warmth feeling. You can pair it wit purple wall for a modern accent. However, yellow and black as colour pairs at home décor must be serving you with elegant and rich look.

18 Photos of the Fitted Colour Pairs as Home Décor

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