Fashionable Offset House for Precious Living

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Natural and friendly are actually design concept of offset house. This design is inspired by the need of large natural space and sophisticated design as well. That’s why it needs special treatment to build. If you’re being interest with this concept better for you to calling help from experts so you can plan smart and good looking offset residence.

Offset House’s Review

Here are some pictures that give you a glance look about the proportion of this style. Locating proper offset house interior must be very important. Openness concept for the whole room will make the owner has getting enough fresh air and sunlight every day. Supporting by metal poles, the ground floor has an open garage with green plants detail around the basement. At the same floor, you will find living room with sliding glass door and wooden cubicle. The combination of white sofas and brown couch make a greater fashionable look.

At the outdoor area, there is wooden long bench and stone flooring while the indoor part using wooden flooring for detail. Natural stone has build for being a guardrail. Going upward, you will greet by wooden stairs in dark brown and grey wooden floor. This building is also installed big window at the second floor which parallel to sliding door in the first floor. There is also working place at this home with colourful office appliances which will bring up your idea or solutions.

Iconic Offset House Forever

For a perfect look, you need to pick proper items which have minimalist accent and functional effect. You can also located an iconic stuff such as a big tree at the center of the outside area so your offset house fashionable interior could get the right impression of iconic and sophisticated style.

13 Photos of the Fashionable Offset House for Precious Living

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