Fantastic L’Avenue Shanghai with Eco-Friendly Systems

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One of the biggest international brands of Louis Vuitton will open its branch named L’Avenue Shanghai. It is said that it will be its largest flagship and located in Chang Ning, Shanghai, China. The designer is a famous Japanese firm and it is planning to build the 28 floors building stands on 140.000 square meters area. The height is planned of 134 meters and the design will be unique and have curvatures and twists which make it looks fantastic even in far or close distance.

Unique Design of L’Avenue Shanghai

If we see the picture of the design plan, the L’Avenue Shanghai project is predicted to be the new attractive point between the high buildings around it. Its unique design with fluid shape and irregular cladding are the most focus to attract everyone’s attention. To make it glows in the evening, the entire building will be installed by a lot of lighting schemes, so everyone can clearly see it from the far distance. The white exterior with some ornaments and glass windows bring the shiny appearance in the noon day.

L’Avenue Shanghai Concerns with the Environment

Before executing the construction, this project has already got gold LEED certification for the using of heat absorbing landscape, ergonomic waste system, and rainwater recycling system. That means the building is eco-friendly for the nature and will not contaminate everything around it. This is a good innovation for saving our earth from the contamination increase caused by building construction and must be applied in all constructions to keep the earth and population from pollution.

The flagship construction will spread the Louis Vuitton business larger and more popular. Her business in fashion field must be getting prosperous and well-known in the entire world. Its plan design is also the hot topic in the architectural field with its eco-friendly and sophisticated systems in order to save the earth. The designers and architects do not only concern with the luxurious and expensive skylight building, but also the environment of the apartments and residences nearby. Looking at the fantastic L’Avenue Shanghai project will be the new and unique architectural design.

6 Photos of the Fantastic L’Avenue Shanghai with Eco-Friendly Systems

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