Fantastic Ikea Walk in Closet Polished in White to Give Bright View

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I have a chance to stay at my boss’ house while she is going to abroad. She asks me to maintain her house during her leaves this country. I am astonished of classy furniture applied in spacious living space in her house. Each bedroom is equipped with great closet crafted of high quality wood. Of course all closets applied in all spacious bedrooms are polished in bright color. However some of closets are also polished in dark color. I get into bedroom where her son usually sleeps. Finally I see Ikea Walk in Closet that spreads brightness over room.

Spacious Ikea Walk in Closet

Flashy white closet made of lacquered wood is utilized to store all clothes and other accessories including bags, shoes, ties, hats, perfectly. Silver metallic knobs are installed on flashy white closet. It is one of best Ikea Walk in Closet that I have ever seen. Wood floor represents warm sensation. Modern bed layered with white quilt is adorned with red floral pillow. Flashy dark bedside table is equipped with shiny gold table lamp. White drapes conceals glass window in white frame.

Chic Ikea Walk in Closet

Next bedroom is supplied with white closet too. I get into spacious closet which is bright white color. Flashy white wardrobe used to tore clothes and other accessories look so elegant. Sparkling ceiling lights spread wonderful lighting effect over white themed closet. Cream fur rug that gives warmth covers concrete floor in this room. On center, there is square cabinet in white color too. It is equipped with some floating shelves and drawers.

Then I move to next closet inside of large bedroom. This closet is furnished with glossy white cabinets and wardrobe. On flashy white drawers there are some expensive perfumes and cute ornaments. White breadboard is designed with precious wall mural. Amazing best Ikea Walk in Closet in this room is supplied with grey fur rug to spread warm sensation.

13 Photos of the Fantastic Ikea Walk in Closet Polished in White to Give Bright View

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