Extensive Elegant Modern Home in Black and White Interiors

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Traditional exterior architecture seems hide the real elegant modern home of 11,000 square-foot building. The three-story house features brick facade and grey tile-roof in Dutch home architecture. Large front yard and pathway guide you getting closer to the arched doorways then to brown arched double door. After passing the front door, you will be amazed of the contrast interior in fully modern design with all neutral colors.

Elegant Modern Home: the Living Room

The hall is the first area you will see in the elegant modern home design. It features white panel walls, white buffet, black wooden flooring, and black railings of the stairs. Living room is the next destination which is still in the same tone of black and white tones. Two white loveseats with tufted arms and backs face each other round a black glass coffee table and next to the fireplace. High ceiling gives the area spacious appearance and good airy space.

Fabulous Living Room Classic Piano Modern Home with Elegant Interiors

Elegant Modern Home: the Master Suite

Master suite is a fun topic to discuss, also in this residence. The master suite is furnished by some plush furniture, such as a bed with concave headboard and footboard in black liners, two black nightstands, a black tall wardrobe, and two lavish white couches. Four thin windows are installed in each corner to give bright effect and decorated by green curtains with floral motive. The room contains a master bathroom features an elegant bathtub design also big counters and cabinetry.

Nobody will expect the contrast look of the interiors. Light and bright appearance is the main design of modern architecture features all black and white interiors and furniture. Those give stylish and cool effect against the old and dull exterior. Some soft hues of blue and brown are indeed given to several items, such as cushions, paintings, curtains. Nevertheless, they just add a little fresh appearance to the extensive elegant modern home design, since black and white are still the mayor tones.

15 Photos of the Extensive Elegant Modern Home in Black and White Interiors

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