Excellent Wall Hooks in Various Shapes and Colors for Decoration

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As usual, every weekend I always visit my grandmother’s house to see whether she is fine or not. Because I have to check out her condition to prevent more serious illness she gets. Her house has been renovated into modern flair. Surely, living spaces inside is decorated in more fascinating flairs. Innovative styles of house create new sensation during staying at her house. However I am interested in wall hooks adhered on wall in every living space here. All of them have unique forms and different characters.

Artistic Wall Hooks

First, I find modern wall hooks in mudroom. They are polished in black and white. These hooks are crafted in unusual shape so they look like buttons. Hidden lights installed on these sophisticated hooks create amazing sight. Breadboard painted in half white and half black matches with cool black and white hooks in this room. There is modern bag in black color which hangs on these stylish shiny hooks. Next to black bag, there is white shirt hanging on this hook. Another side of breadboard polished in white is adorned with antler hook. Once I suppose this white antler is only ornament in this mudroom. However, it is actually artistic hook crafted like antler.

Wall Hooks Function as Wall Decoration

When I get into bedroom where my grandmother takes a rest, I see modern hooks in white color. I think these hooks have multifunction because upper side of hook is modified as small storage that enables us to store gadget, glasses, wallet and accessories inside. At a glance these hooks look like funnel with rectangle design. Inner side of funnel hooks are colored in orange, grey, and black but outer side is polished in white. My grandmother puts phones, glasses, wallet, and gloves on each hook.

I also find unique hooks in this house crafted like melted paint. These hooks are painted in pink and yellow. I assume that these hooks have artistic design because from distance they seem like melted paint on wall. Pink and yellow paint hooks are utilized to hang coat and dark bag. All of innovative modern wall hooks found in here can function as ornaments and multifunctional hooks.

12 Photos of the Excellent Wall Hooks in Various Shapes and Colors for Decoration

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