Excellent Modern Concrete House Built in Unusual Architecture

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I am tired after walking around Himalayan area. Finally I meet an old woman who domiciles in this area. She offers me to take a rest for a while in her Modern Concrete House. I appreciate great architecture of house that represents elegant and classy taste. Living room in this house is very spacious. Concrete ceiling is supported with tough pillars in glossy gold color. Laminate flooring seems so clean and sleek. I sit on white bed sofa in modern flair. Under sofa set there is square carpet covering laminate flooring.

Spacious Modern Concrete House

To accompany modern white sofa she provides glass coffee table in unusual design. Ball tabletop in white color is placed on this coffee table. Large glass wall partition and glass bay window add brightness of house. Cool swivel chairs in yellow color are set in front of glass coffee table. On corner, there is indoor plant to spread fresh atmosphere around this spacious living room. Modern Concrete House design adopts minimalist concept since it does not provide borders among living spaces.

Dining set is placed on left side of sofa set. Small cabinet crafted of flashy black laminate is set nearby gold pillars. Rectangular dining table made of laminate is embellished with glass vases containing beauty flowers. Black side chairs surround this dining table. I enjoy mountain panorama from balcony supplied with rustic wood floor. This large balcony is protected with metallic railing. Glass wall surrounding house enlightens interior design perfectly.

Exterior Design of Modern Concrete House

House exterior design is created in unusual ideas. At a glance façade of house seems asymmetric. O gold pillar in large size holds asymmetric cantilever. There is minimalist garden that presents fresh green view. Outdoor concrete wall indicates that this house is durable and tough. Even, another balcony of house is designed with concrete floor to strengthen tough Modern Concrete House design.

13 Photos of the Excellent Modern Concrete House Built in Unusual Architecture

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