5 Outstanding Features of European House Plans

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When you think of European house plans, the first thing that comes to mind is space. The sprawling house, with large gardens all around, a beautiful snow roof and some majestic furniture sets inside. If you too love such houses and want to build one for yourself, then you should ensure that your house has all the classic features of a traditional European mansion. The old world style house plans of the European villas and mansions always had provisions for these features. Take a look at some of the features in detail.

The most prominent features of European house plans

  1. Large – Like mentioned above, the first thing that comes to mind when we think of a European mansion is the huge space such a home has. From huge rooms to a gigantic seating area to huge kitchens, European houses have them all. So if you want something traditional, go for the classic home plans of Europe. Else, if you do not have so much of space to spare, you can check out the small European style house plans.
  2. Garden – Next, we cannot forget about the beautiful gardens of a European house. almost every house has large gardens all around the house with a long driveway leading from the gate to the porch. If you too have the luxury to spare so much of space, make sure your house plan has provisions for gardens as well.
  3. Majestic furniture – Then, how can any European home be complete without some majestic furniture sets? The Victorian tables and chairs are almost synonymous with the European homes and so your European house plans should also have some provisions for these majestic furniture sets to be placed in the house. And along with the furniture, a grand piano is compulsory. Just thinking about it makes you smile, doesn’t it?
  4. Grand lights – The grand chandeliers, the royal pendant lights and the elegant lamps shades all look great in the classic old houses of Europe. Thus, if you are looking for some traditional European house plans, make sure you have provisions for some of the most majestic lights in the house.
  5. Snow roof – Finally, we have the snow roof. Snow roofs featured in almost every European home and you cannot leave it out when drawing up your design plan for a European villa. Whether you want a small, cozy home or a lavish mansion, you have to have a classic snow roof for your house to look authentically European.

Using the lovely European house plans to build a house

If you use these plans, you will surely come up with the most fascinating home in the neighborhood! While the contemporary house plans are gaining popularity and people running after modern homes, you can really stand out and make a classic fashion statement by building and living in a European styled mansion. These houses are large, majestic and make you feel like a true king or queen.

French Country House Plans

So go ahead and look for some great European house plans and start building your dream mansion. You can look online for the house plans or you can hire an architect to draw the plan for you. If you do not want to build the house yourself, you always have the option of buying a used house. If you are lucky, you may end up finding an old, history-laden mansion that housed many a famous people in the past. So start looking and get your hands on either a great built house or a good European house plan. The best European house plans will tell you exactly how you can have your dream home.

9 Photos of the 5 Outstanding Features of European House Plans

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