Ergonomic Minimalist Contemporary House with Asymmetric Exterior

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Wooden exterior is the first impression appears in this minimalist contemporary house. The name is the El Pangue House, a three-story residence located on a hill with a spectacular overlook of a blue sea, spruce and cactae vegetation, crude soil, and rough nature. The exterior performs two appearances of the wooden walls in brown and white tones along with flat roof and asymmetric design. Floor-to-ceiling windows are the next strong characters in recognize it as a modern architecture.

Minimalist Contemporary House: the Architecture Details

A big swivel wood door greets you to enter the foyer of the minimalist contemporary house design. There we can see bright interiors come from the white walls, grey floor tiles, and large windows. The spectacular views can be clearly seen from the inside in the upper floor from the large windows using a white lounge chair. The spacious patio is also created to give optimum outdoor area which can be used to hold an outdoor party under the sparkling stars and surrounded by greenery.

Minimalist Contemporary House: the Natural Elements

Neutrality seems as another concern of the house construction except the minimalist architecture. A lot of stones in the backyard are the proof that makes it as an eco-friendly residence. The word minimalist does not make the homeowners to ignore the nature that they plant some plants around the house to combine the nature surrounding. They also do use simple finishing to the exteriors which gives more natural eco-friendly look.

The exterior design delivers unusual pattern with asymmetric lines as its first impression. It is a stylish residence applies a combination of minimalist and ergonomic ideas as the point to build an eco-friendly house. Its large size already describes it as a luxurious house, even though the architects do not use expensive materials. The ergonomic minimalist contemporary house design even looks like a nature office center which concerns to the environment.

12 Photos of the Ergonomic Minimalist Contemporary House with Asymmetric Exterior

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