Enticing Shoe Storage That Will Give Great Arrangement on your Abundant Shoes

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Living in today world really gives much attempt in buying some attractive item such as shoes and having a pile of them will make you need shoe storage. Whether you need a pair of shoes or there is a huge discount of this lovely shoe, sometimes keeps you blind folded about how many shoes that you already have. Some people just stack their shoes above the cupboard along with its boxes. But my friend is different, she proudly show them off in the china cabinet.

Unique Design for Shoe Storage

This idea might a little bit crazy since china cabinet is usually taken for showing your home décor or tableware collection. But apparently it is a marvelous idea to place your shoes collection there too. In one side it will make your shoe look neat, it also will give you space to boast about your branded shoe collection. See this photo and you will get what I mean. Inspired shoe storage will make your friends envy with your luck. If you do not have any china cabinet, then show it off in the floating shelf, it will do the similar effect.

Throw away your old shoe box and replace it with transparent shoe box. Place your shoes photo in the front of the box so you will not have to unload the entire shoe box when you want to use this particular shoe. Stack it nicely and you will make a nice arrangement at home. You can have it inside the walk in closet or have it in the corner of the room, anywhere you like it.

DIY Project of Shoe Storage

Having shoe storage apparently does not have to be pricey. All you need to do is browse some imaginative ideas to have it as your storage. Of course if you have more money, the choice is wide open but it will not be as satisfy as have it yourself by using come seamlessly unused item such ad ladder or wooden board or even the space underneath your bed. Just look for more inspired shoe storage ideas that will make you want it for your home.

7 Photos of the Enticing Shoe Storage That Will Give Great Arrangement on your Abundant Shoes

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