Enjoyable Cottage in Beach Side Area

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As like a villa, the cottage also often to become a place for spending free time on holiday. The nuance of those house living itself which is seek by people. Some of them nowadays prefer to choose natural environment become their main background. The meaning of that is utilizing natural panorama which already provided by nature. There are some options of places which become main location for that kind of building. Mountain side, beach side, lake side, or even river side can be best place for locating those house building. The architecture of it also adds the main nuance of house building. People not only can feel a different sense on nuance or environment, but also main structure of building. Sometimes, their interior also follow main theme of natural environment around of it. The color of that building tends to more bright or natural, because it blends with natural sense around of land.

Cottage Design

The main design from that house building in that area is gradual model. Where there are consist from double floor. Cottage interior outside and inside inspired by beach sense. Like on outside it, where the main wall painting is blue. Then, inside of house itself consist from interior combination with accessories which has beach sense. The living room consists from some combination of bright colors, like white, orange, and brown for its furniture. The dining room also same with living room. The kitchen has simple modern model, where there is no such kind of complicated furniture inside of it.

There is one best spot inside of house which can be a reading area. That room consists from sets of sofa, table, and chairs, also completed by study lamps. The hooked area is on ladder which completed by unique carpet on it. The bedroom also has simple model, with blue bed sets. There is a terrace which becomes a sun space, where people can enjoy sun lights. That room completed by chairs, and table. There is a small house which separated from main building which usually used for save some goods or like a ware house.

Cottage View

The best view from that house is of course a beach. People can design some rooms which lead to the beach. Some glass windows or doors can be applied too for this kind of house model. People also can put something which still related with beach sense like accessories, or aquarium. Cottage nuance become a specific purpose for people why they come and build those building to enjoy their free time.

13 Photos of the Enjoyable Cottage in Beach Side Area

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