Eco-Friendly Contemporary Dining Table Combined with Grass

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Almost everybody wants to have a piece of nature inside their homes nowadays, like in the contemporary dining table. This idea also comes to a designer named Emily Wettstein. She created an eco-friendly wood dining table in contemporary style with grass elongated in the center of the table. Her creation is made to remind us that we still have the nature surrounding us which is must be well preserved. About the detail of the table, it will be discussed in the next paragraph.

Contemporary Dining Table: the Design of the Table

Made of steel and walnut, this contemporary dining table idea looks fresh and unique. She put the real glass that above the surface of the table there is a glass box filled with dirt to plant the grass. The design is very simple with two table legs stand it. The small size of it is not aimed for big group of people. It is aimed only for four people. The dark brown color of the wood and the green grass really show a little piece of nature.

Contemporary Dining Table: the Removable Planter

The plant itself is kind of removable planter. If you want to put more dishes, the removable planter can be put off, so you will have bigger space. We can also water it regularly to keep it fresh and fertile. Perhaps something colorful can be added, such as tiny colorful flowers to bring more nature element into the table. This table is kind of a good combination between gentle, strong, versatile, and beautiful.

Have meal time on this dining table sounds very nice and healthy. The green grass is a refreshing element for our eyes that could melt our stress down from busy daily activities. Its simple but elegant design suits for your contemporary or luxurious home. Emily Wettstein has successfully created a new eco-friendly dining table to furnish your dining space. Her eco-friendly contemporary dining table idea is ready to accompany your meal time.

12 Photos of the Eco-Friendly Contemporary Dining Table Combined with Grass

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