Doors Entrance Design for Happy Homes

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Doors entrance design is the first thing a guest will see when arriving at your home. Besides being the face of your house, it also gives a first impression of your whole house and family dynamics to visitors and passerby alike. Here are some of the ways you can do to make your home entrance reflect the inside of your happy homes.

Doors Entrance Design with Decorations

Although decorations are not always necessary for doors entrance design, it sure helps a lot. Decorating your house according to the season and the holidays will give an impression of being involved with the world and the community you live in. Occasional decorations like Christmas or Halloween are always a joy to put up and to see. Regular decorations like wall lamps, house numbers, a door mat, a door bell or a simple knocker will do a lot to cheer up your entrance.

Doors Entrance Design Ideas

Of course, just adding those accessories won’t make your door look great without proper design. Doors entrance design also requires a harmony between its decoration and the door itself. A bright red front door against white walls with golden-themed knocker, keyhole, doorknob and mail slot are heavenly. You can also change the red into a darker mahogany or other wood colors. White door frames or white walls are especially easy to match, with almost every color will make it look good, including orange, yellow, blue, green and even pink.

Doors Entrance Design with Plants

Plants are front doors’ best decorator. A door can hardly look bad with a pair of well-cared plants on each side in two interesting pots. If flowers are not your things, greeneries will also look great. Bushes on the side of the stairway or pathway will always look welcoming and inviting. If you have a stairway, make the hand railing interesting as well. You can even wrap vines around them. Whatever decoration you choose for your doors entrance design, though, always keep it clean and neat, as those are the deciding factor to your front door’s personality.

8 Photos of the Doors Entrance Design for Happy Homes

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