Dashing Living Wall to Prevent Stressful Feeling

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Nowadays people intend to focus on providing eco-friendly residence which blend to environmental design, one of the efforts is building living wall both at indoor and outdoor space. Living wall means green plants which grow up in vertical lines, not horizontal. so it will cover the wall material. This living wall has many advantages that will be reviewed below.

Living Wall Positive Effect

Here are some reviews about the advantage of green or living wall. The first living wall advantages is reducing pollutant at indoor area. There are many hidden dangers in our room including paints, fireplace, and so on which can pollute the fresh air. Dealing with these problems, green wall can be reduce the negative effect by absorb the toxins, carbon monoxide, etc. However, more plants that put into living wall décor then more pollution that can be absorb. People can find the list of plants that can improve fresh air at internet or asking the experts.

Second is living wall can keep the balance of atmosphere inside the room, especially in four seasons country. It might be not a big deal to get proper weather at summer and spring but in autumn and winter where temperature can suddenly drop into minus, this green wall can keep the warmth effect at indoor space. Let’s say that the building seems like breathing in critical temperature and it must be tempting to see butterfly, dragonfly, and even bird coming to the house for perching at the living wall.

Living Wall Ideas

More than that, living wall can actually saving the energy especially electrical energy such as lamp and air conditioner. At cold temperature, the plants can give warmth effect while at hot weather it can deliver oxygen and gain charm temperature. Besides, green wall can give relax effects for most of people. So don’t wait to apply this green wall concept since living wall advantages point deliver smart way to reduce and even prevent stress and bad mood.

5 Photos of the Dashing Living Wall to Prevent Stressful Feeling

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