Dandy Tallest Tower Designed by Armani

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The tallest tower in the world called Burj Khalifa has Armani Hotel Dubai indeed. This building is designed by Armani with the help of Wilson Associates architect which bring futuristic and somehow warmth atmosphere.

Sophisticated Tallest Tower

Here is some buildings’ style which must-to-see for some people especially who likes to enjoy unique and sophisticated design. Let’s see the tallest tower interior in meeting room space. High ceiling with golden metal pipe support is delivering unique value combined with white trap wallpaper and striped black wooden wall. Eclipse dark leather seat is located at the meeting room’s center with the use of short black small bench instead of glass surface table. Dark thick fur rug is covering glossy wooden flooring similar with back seat decoration. Black desk lamp with soft yellow beam is put on the back seat and also at hanging cabinet.

Besides, in other room space, there is a couple of monochrome furniture which is white arm chair in velvet material and black glossy tube table with hot red desk lamp located in each side of the couch. White carpet is covering all the flooring at this area for comfort feeling. The Armani spa is greeting people with sleek glossy front desk with light spa title as a part of wall design. Stripes monochrome arm chair is matched with short wooden soft brown table which located near the front desk area.

Tallest Tower Statement

Eventually, dark wooden hallway with bulb lighting located as floor lamp design which delivering elegant concept as connecting way between each hotel room. At the room, white velvet thick bed is matched with short wooden desk and grey fur rug covered the flooring accent. Chessboard bedcover is applied in other bedroom design while bamboo tile is applied as flooring and wallpaper décor. At the bar of tallest tower interior décor, mosaic couch and amber blind window with wave texture design is making unique statement though.

13 Photos of the Dandy Tallest Tower Designed by Armani

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