Corner Sink Design for Kitchens and Bathrooms

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Corner sink design is a smart use of a free space. Corners are usually out of usage, and for a small kitchen, every inch counts. Of course, a corner sink has its own advantages and disadvantages. If you plan the usage of your corner sink right, though, you will get to enjoy a beautifully positioned sink with maximum advantages.

Corner Sink Design Planning

The first thing you should consider when planning to install a corner sink design is whether there is a cabinet hung above the corner. If there is, you should not install a corner sink there or you need to find an exceptionally deep corner sink, with ugliness in look as the risk. This is especially true for a kitchen. A window above the corner would be ideal, for it allow much light in while working on the sink. Second of all, you will need to assess how often you use the sink alone. A corner sink usually only accommodates one person, which is no good if you usually work in tandem or you have a partner who uses the bathroom sink at the same time with you.

Corner Sink Design Rustic

The third consideration you should think of is whether you could reach behind the faucet easily all the way to the cabinet’s corner, especially if your corner sink design is a big one. Any sink is bound to get wet often and they need to be cleaned regularly to avoid mold and fungi. Last but not least, find out about the plumbing and whether installing the counter sink there will affect any of the other appliances, like a dishwasher, for instance. It is also a question whether the space beneath your corner sink will be usable for storage or not.

Ideas for Corner Sink Design

To minimize the disadvantages of having a counter sink, know the area well. Choosing a free-standing counter sink is a better idea for bathrooms. Having a corner sink with the faucet being nearer is a good idea, but make sure you cover the area behind it with something easy to clean. Install a pull-out shelf instead of putting your sponges and soap behind the faucet. Having a lazy Susan under the sink also allows extra storage space. Putting a small cabinet behind the sink is also a good corner sink design idea as long as it is covered so that you can easily clean the surface of the closure from splashes.

8 Photos of the Corner Sink Design for Kitchens and Bathrooms

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