Contemporary Reclaimed Wood Dining Table Mixes Iron Structures

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Its appearance looks very natural with its wooden material; it is the reclaimed wood dining table. This table design brings an antique view in your dining room and it could be mixed with any dining chair design, modern, contemporary, traditional, vintage, and rustic as the most perfect partner. It applies rustic style features untreated surface, so it will look as natural as the material appearance with rough surface and brown hue.

Reclaimed Wood Dining Table with Rough Surface

A square table top is combined with iron material structure which results a contemporary reclaimed wood dining table. The rough top surface seems very natural but it is the real appeal point of this furniture. Its two iron legs are designed minimalist with square shape as same tone as the top to create a contemporary table. It has medium and thin size which could accommodate about four to six people.

Reclaimed Wood Dining Table with Smooth Surface

This table also has the same design of wooden top and iron structure, but it is produced in smoother surface. It gets polish finishing creating a smooth and sleek surface for more stylish appearance. The edges are still in natural look with wavy forms as its main beauty which will catch your visual. Its solid top is well shored up by the two thick iron legs feature sharp edges and square shape. It is like the first table to accommodate four to six people in having dinner together.

Reclaimed wood delivers more antique and traditional appearance than the other wooden table designs. It seems to bring a different d├ęcor to your dining room in its natural performance and powerful quality. The wood material itself will always offer the owners full warm and cozy furniture that will not be offered by glass, plastic, and stainless steel materials. The contemporary reclaimed wood dining table design provides a different modern table option.

12 Photos of the Contemporary Reclaimed Wood Dining Table Mixes Iron Structures

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