Comfort Loft in Switzerland

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When you need a vacation and place to stay in your free time, loft could be the best solution. Loft is differing from hotel which has glamour and luxury offer for their guests, you can find tranquillity and comfort zone in the loft. It usually designs with natural material and has open space style. It must be good especially when you need to feel closer with the environment.

Heinz Zullen Loft

Here is a loft in Switzerland which has beautiful structure and comfort atmosphere surrounding by natural scenery. This loft is called Heinz Zulen Loft which designed by Heinz Zullen with classic style and wooden material as combination of modern and traditional accent for residence. The façade of this home give you combination of wood and glass used. The first floor is containing of glass door and window while the next floor is the combination of glass and wood. Natural stone is being the ground material that supports the whole building structure. Living room is in the first floor with open space style with less partition, almost without partition and luxury details such as golden shelves and desk with LED lighting installed in the edge of the desk. Fur rug, velvet blue sofa and cuddles help this glamour view becomes perfect.

There is metal stairs when you step up to the second floor and soft yellow chandelier above the velvet sofa. All of the first floor is using glasses door without curtains so you can look outside every time you need. A grand piano also located in the first floor to enhance classic view for this building while you can look hanging roof details above the piano with indoor plant accessories put on the roof panel.

Second Floor Loft

However, the second floor full of wooden details for item, floor and also wall. Unfinished wooden style is dominated the contemporary Heinz Zulen Loft at the second floor.

14 Photos of the Comfort Loft in Switzerland

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