Colorful Skype’s Stockholm Office Design

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Those who knows how Skype is can definitely guess how Skype’s Stockholm office would look like. Skype, a company that is majoring in the telecommunication among people through the internet, is famed for its unique offices that are colorful and enchanting. Of course, this gives people the basic imagination of how Skype’s office in Stockholm would be. It makes sense for them to be like this though, remembering how Skype has a heavy work that needs some great ambiance that can support the workers’ moods. This way, the calls among people will be able to go smoothly without worry!

Skype’s Stockholm Office’s Enchanting Design

I am sure the design of Skype’s Stockholm office by pS Arkitektur will be loved by many. The canteen has a great modern style that is also colorful. This can be seen from the colorful cushions decking the white pillars of the canteen. There are also white dining tables that are decked with pairing colorful chairs. For those who wants something simpler than the colorful chairs, there is always the large white table that is decked with white chairs placed in the middle of the canteen. Lamps can be seen on the ceiling, illuminating the canteen evenly with its white light.

The meeting room, on the other hand, is a blend of palyfulness and seriousness. The meeting room is decked with long white table, but it is paired with blue office chairs to make the room more relaxing. The slide show that is attached to the wall is decorated even though it is in white. The decoration is no other by the paintings on the wall, where the walls are painted with bunch of cables and chargers extending from the slide show. This way, the meeting can be done properly without having to be too tense.

Great Calls Through Skype’s Stockholm Office

See how great the office is? I am sure that the workers love the ambiance of the office too. The relaxing ambiance will lessen the stress of the workers, and they can do their jobs properly and better. When the work is done properly, the service Skype gives will be satisfying, making the consumers love them more and more. Want to call through Skype in Stockholm? No problem, because the cute Skype’s Stockholm office by pS Arkitektur will take care of it!

11 Photos of the Colorful Skype’s Stockholm Office Design

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