Clement Windowseat Lounge for Private Time

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Have you ever heard about windowseat lounge? This lounge is presented by Haworth collection designed by Mike & Maiaike which developing an idea about comfort seat which can easily access fresh air and wide view without missing its privacy.

Unique Windowseat Lounge

Here are some photos that making whole impression about this modern chair. The stylish windowseat lounge is suitable to locate both in private place such as bedroom and in public space such as office, airports, hotel lobby, and so on. At private place, this stuff can enhance comfort values while enjoying the days-off. Reading is a kind of best activity to do on this seat because people can have enough lighting from the open wings but still keeping away the interruption aspect.

For improving cute sensation, these stuffs are made in joyful colour including yellow, green, grey, and even white. Whenever you need to enjoy me-time and relaxing your mind, this stuff can be friendly choice after all. Foam-padded frame in each side of the seat is bring privacy and intimacy atmosphere. It’s look like office cubicle in working area but after all you can locate it at home too. In case you want to give private pleasure for your guests at home, this chair can be put in living room but it’s not so appropriate for talking or sharing time. That’s why private space such as library would be better location.

Futuristic Windowseat Lounge

However, this stuff in colourful palette can be used as statement item as well. You just need to put it in white space area then it will deliver unique impression all over the room. Although, it looks matched with modest style, classic home can also use this by combined it with classic floor lamp, vintage fur rug, and even moon window. As new-age stylish windowseat lounge project will absolutely match with futuristic apartment or residence though.

5 Photos of the Clement Windowseat Lounge for Private Time

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