Charming Classic Contemporary Residence Contains Bright Interiors

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SH House is the name of a classic contemporary residence in Amsterdam, Netherlands. It is an old house was built in 1932 with the first design was the classic Dutch architecture. As time goes by, modernity inspires the local architect firm to renovate it with contemporary style which can be seen firstly from the large glass windows. The architect still preserves its classical with the brick walls of the exterior, white lintels, and high roof design.

Classic Contemporary Residence: the Interiors

The interior offers a surprising appearance with completely modern design. Neutral tones and minimalist pattern are the mayor elements dominating the interiors as the characters of contemporary design. Classic contemporary residence style contains bright interiors come from large windows, white walls, ceilings, and floors, and some sleek furniture. The use of wood in rustic style on the staircase, dining table, and coffee table completes the appearance.

Classic Contemporary Residence: the Lower Areas

A black floating fireplace becomes the main appeal in the first floor. Its unique design delivers unusual fireplace made of metal and hung between the dining and living spaces. Next to dining space, there is a modern kitchen furnished by sleek minimalist kitchen furniture of the custom cabinets and counters in galley kitchen design. From this area, we can see a narrow staircase which brings you to the upper lever.

Old and ancient look does not appear anymore in this old residence. The smart architect has successfully transformed it into a fresh home in fully modern design without eliminating its first existence. It looks like the other modern homes but with a little classic touch from its first architecture and there is also a patio to enjoy the green backyard using two black outdoor chairs. The charming classic contemporary residence style delivers a spacious comfortable family living place for the homeowners.

7 Photos of the Charming Classic Contemporary Residence Contains Bright Interiors

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