Brilliant Modern Apartment with Rustic Details

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I must say that this modern apartment that is located in Gamla Stan in Stockholm, Sweden is very brilliant. The rustic ambience mingles with modern design creating warm feelings to anyone who stays in here. That is including me when I get invitation from a friend to stay the night here. It has 112 square meters wide and apparently since it is located in historical city, it used rustic element such as woods and it has Scandinavian touch.

The Neatly Design Lower Floor of Modern Apartment

The apartment is decorated in white with the touch of rustic wooden beam at the second floor ceiling. At the first floor you will see bedroom like in these photos. Next to the bedroom is a great space saving storage place where it allows you to place your clothes, shoes, and high heels. Not only bed room that is place in the first floor, but also simple home office with glassy table and white contemporary chair. You can see it has very sleek and clean design of modern apartment furniture where you can put your books and other belonging into the cupboards, shelves and drawers.

Second Floor Amusement of Modern Apartment

Mainly in this house the windows play big role since it allows big natural shines to come inside the apartment. The second floor is very impressive with its diagonal wooden beam on two side of the roof and you also can see the windows place here and there in here. It places Nordic design mingle with modern contemporary design. You can see it from the kitchen which greet you when reach the second floor. It looks so simple with wooden frame and white cabinet touch. Next to it is the white dining table and chairs.

Next to the dining area and kitchen you can find a vivid living room with the touch of red and black furniture. The sofa actually has different style one into another. One have two seated sofa in rouge color while next to it is white sofa with black and white pattern cushion and the other sofa is in dark black leather sofa. The details of this modern apartment design will absolutely comfort you with style.

14 Photos of the Brilliant Modern Apartment with Rustic Details

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