Bright Apartment on Harrow Road with Two Designs Mixture

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A curiosity comes to see the photographer’s living place in an apartment on Harrow Road. He is a quiet famous photographer in London who has great photography and decorating home skill as well. As a single man but has successful career, he is living in a flat with rather large size in two levels which has been decorated in a really man’s living place. Although he is man, he knows how to choose an overhead skylight loft and as a bonus there is also a ground floor as the entrance.

Apartment on Harrow Road: the First Floor

Looking at how he decorates his apartment on Harrow Road design, we can assume that he is a fan of ethnic stuff. He mixes a modern architecture, which can be seen with the all-white walls, and the ethnic decorations of some artworks and furniture. Since he has a pretty large living space of 1000 square feet, he maximizes it for kitchen, living, and dining spaces. The white lounge chairs are combined with some traditional furniture, such as a dining set, a coffee table, an oriental cabinet, and an antique cupboard.

Apartment on Harrow Road: the Second Floor

The bed space is located upstairs and furnished with vintage furniture style a canopy bed, a black chest, and two side tables. It is merged with home office features modern furniture of a glass desk with two PCs for his work and two white bookshelves. In a separate space, there is a small hall to access the attic toward the roof terrace decorated with various cottage artworks, such as deer’s horns, a barrel, and several his animal photographs.

With some animal photographs and various plants in the terrace, we may predict that he is a nature photographer. He loves everything about plants and animals and wants to apply their forms into his flat so he can see them every time. After seeing the flat, mixing the modern design with traditional furniture is a new good style. It creates a unique and impressive appearance. His bright apartment on Harrow Road design could be a new inspiration in decorating a flat.

14 Photos of the Bright Apartment on Harrow Road with Two Designs Mixture

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