Best Two Story House Plans Model for Modern Home

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One of model or concept for modern home nowadays is two story house plans. The model tends to adopt some house buildings in Europe or America. The size of this kind of models also various. From simple size, where it just consist from three triangle roofs on front, until big size one, where that home has large garden on front, and there are some main buildings which unity into one, also looks like majestic. Home with this concept is including in one of majestic building, because the house is tend to bigger rather than usual home in middle of city. Then, the complement in front which is garden always exists and never leave, because it also become one of type indication from those kind of model. There are some homes which built with and without fence on front too.

Type of Two Story House Plans

The model of this home is including of completed home, where there are completed rooms which exist inside of home. The room has enough size, and has good planning too. Each of room designed as well with utilize all of space inside of room, and then combine with outdoor space too. The outdoor itself only consist from garden, and sometimes small fish pool. The garage also always exist in home, however sometimes people prefer to put their vehicle on front of garage door, without bring it inside of garage. Then, one of example from that model is two story house plans 3D, where it tends to be modern concept.

One of example form of that home is modern type of two story design. The design tends to more modern and has unique model in front. The roof or shape of home have unique home with combined by any kinds of shapes. The 3D model itself asks people as owner to design a high quality of home with some modern facilities. Usually, two story concept use wood component as front looking or other part, however in 3D, almost all of home component covered by modern material such as bricks which covered by any kinds of painting.

The Characteristic of Two Story House Plans

Actually, the characteristic from that model itself are come from structure, form, front looking, size, and also big space inside of home. The people who want build their home with this kind of model usually prefer to be located in neighborhood environment, where each of home already sized by developer. Then, it also because of security reason, where in the neighborhood usually guarded by security. Two story house plans design not only consider at size of home, but also other matters like structure, planning of room, and others.

11 Photos of the Best Two Story House Plans Model for Modern Home

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