Beautiful Dutch Colonial Home

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Talk about the home design for your new home maybe it is better for you to choose Dutch colonial home. This home design is very beautiful and has the artistic touch. Well, we know if this house is one of custom house but you can decorate it with modern touch or contemporary for the interior or for the furniture design.

The Interior Design of Dutch Colonial Home

Related to this situation, in this modernization we know that living in modern house maybe is common activity for today. When you want living in beautiful home design which has artistic, traditional and beautiful you can try to realize Dutch colonial home design. My neighbor’s house used this home design and that is very beautiful.

My neighbor used this home design because he wants his house looks different than other. He combined his house with using modern design for the furniture. The exterior of his house has the green landscaping edging because he added the green tree and green grass in his edging of his house. His house also used white color design and combined with brown and green color. Well, we talk about the interior and the furniture of his house. This house has small patio and the patio completed with outdoor furniture. The floor design of this house used natural material in almost of flooring in his house. In patio, the patio flooring used marble material and in the room of his house used wooden flooring. The interior design of his house used white color design and that is looks so natural. The living room used modern rustic furniture design. The living room used sectional sofa which made from fabric material. The dining room used round dining table and used upholstered chairs for the dining chairs. Well, his kitchen is very sparkling when he used kitchen islands idea and completed with kitchen cabinet which has white color design. The bedroom also used white interior design and the bedroom also has small balcony. Talk about the bathroom, the bathroom used white granite material and that is very sparkling and amazing.

Dutch Colonial Home to Your House

When you are looking for the home design to your new home, maybe with this home design is a good idea. You can also combine with modern touch like in my neighbor’s house. In this modernization, it is better for you to have a different home design with using Dutch colonial house plan.

16 Photos of the Beautiful Dutch Colonial Home

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