Beautiful Cottage Design in Spain

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When spending holiday in Spain, I stayed in cottage which has beautiful cottage design. This cottage has the rustic design for the interior. The material of this cottage used stone and wooden material. The furniture design also has the natural material and this cottage is totally beautiful and amazing with that combination.

Cottage Design Interior

Related to this situation, when I spent my time in Spain and stayed in one of fantastic cottage, I felt the sensation and very comfortable. The cottage interior design used natural material. The wall of the cottage made from stone material and the floor and ceiling made from wooden material. The combination between stone and wooden material can make the cottage looks natural and beautiful.

The interior design of the cottage used rustic design. The furniture also used rustic design. The outdoor spaces of this cottage completed with outdoor furniture and the view of this cottage also perfect. The natural view in surround support this cottage is very comfortable. The living room of this cottage used rustic sofa design which made from fabric material. The sofa also completed with sofa pillows. The living room table used wooden material and in the living room also decorated with unique ornaments and accessories. The living room looks so beautiful when the design of the wall used stone material and the ceiling has red color design which made from wooden material. Well, the dining room looks so traditional when using wooden material for dining room furniture and the interior design of dining room used stone material. The dining room furniture used wooden dining table and wooden dining chairs. The dining chairs used bench design with long shaped and combined with upholstered chairs. Well, the bedroom is very unique. There is bath tub in the bedroom and that is very sensational. The bedroom used simple design and looks perfect with combination with the bathtub design.

The Sensation of Cottage Design in Spain

This cottage is very wonderful and really amazing. The interior design used rustic design and the material of this cottage also used natural material. This cottage is totally perfect with the furniture design and beautiful view in surround. Cottage style design with traditional concept in Spain absolutely can give me the sensation and pleasure.

13 Photos of the Beautiful Cottage Design in Spain

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