Beautiful Classic Residence with Many Comfort and Warm Rooms

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White fences and green lawn with fertile and colorful flowers are the characteristics of a classic residence. It seems as a dream house for everyone that spread out fully beautiful appearance starts from the front lawn, the facade, the interior, then finally to the backyard. There is a pretty two-story house using classic architecture feature neutral material of stone walls, gates, and pathways. A white arched door gate greets you to bring you enter the front door.

Classic Residence: the Living Room

The entryway is the first area in classic residence architecture you will meet after passing the pretty front door. Brown wooden flooring looks warm and matches to the white walls and lintels. Panel glass sliding doors in the left side give an access to enter the large living room. Panel walls cover the whole appearance to offer warmth and comfort along with soft big furniture. Two white sofas, two couches with brown leather upholstery, and two small benches with zebra-skin motive are ready to give you fully comfort in your spare time.

Classic Residence: the Basement

Downstairs toward wooden staircase, there is a spacious basement. The area is utilized for entertainment zone where we can play billiard using brown classic pool table or drinking wines in the mini bar. The wine room offers many wine bottles in several tastes to warm you up in the cold weather. Stone walls and brown accent dominate the area as we can see from the lounge area, beams in the ceiling, and the furniture of the bar and wine room.

Describing only the living room and basement will not enough, since there are still many impressive rooms to discuss. The outdoor pool in the backyard looks very refreshing and it is also complemented by a pool house in the across. Holding a house party, a pool party, or a garden party all can be done in one location of this house. Beautiful classic residence architecture provides fully comfort and warmth to the family member.

16 Photos of the Beautiful Classic Residence with Many Comfort and Warm Rooms

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